Arisa Health Announces New Recruitment and Retention Benefits

Recently Arisa Health announced several positive changes to its employee compensation and benefits that are designed to help the organization “Recruit, Engage, Retain, and Invest” in its workforce.

At the request of Arisa leadership, the Arisa Board of Directors approved an investment of $4.5 million in funds to effect the following changes:

  1. The organization’s new entry-level hourly rate will be raised from $11.00 per hour to $14.00 per hour.
  2. Adoption of a 2-point pay scale (0-6 years and 6+ years of experience in the position) which means fewer years of experience are required in the current position in order to reach the maximum point on the pay scale.
  3. Bonuses for longevity will be provided this year based on length of service ($1,000 for 10 & 15 years, $2,000 for 20 and 25 years, and $3,000 for 30+ years).
  4. Additional bonuses will be provided for key positions.
  5. Several positive changes specific to the Mental Health Provider (MHP) position.

Arisa Health CEO Dr. Laura Tyler said of the initiative, “This past year we have achieved incredible results despite a worldwide pandemic which created a major strain on our associates and the services we provide. Throughout it all, they rallied time and again to continue to model our mission to lead with exceptional care that nurtures health and wellbeing for all, and we believe these efforts will financially benefit more than 95% of our 1,200+ Arisa Associates throughout the 41 counties we serve.  We have experienced a significant increase in requests for services and accordingly have many key clinical provider positions we expect to fill by making this investment in employee compensation and benefits.”


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Arisa Health has brought together four of Arkansas’ leading behavioral health providers to form the state’s premier integrated behavioral health system.

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